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Our long history tells the story of quality, beauty and dedication to our clients.

Since 1994, Over Easy Kitchens (located in Naperville, Illinois) has provided Chicago and surrounding suburbs with top level cabinetry painting and finishing from simple stains to gourmet paint glaze finishes. Our cabinetry transformation process in the home is the same proven refurbishing process that we have used for 17 years in our shop. Our work is featured in beautiful homes throughout your area.

Let Over Easy flip your kitchen from old-fashioned and worn out to modern and renewed. Whatever your budget, you can do this! It’s easy, it’s affordable, and simply enjoyable to update the most lively room in your house.

Our process is second to none. Our attention to detail is evident. Our experience is your guarantee.

Contact us today and let Over Easy Kitchens introduce you to your new kitchen.

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Services We Offer

We have provided top level cabinetry painting and finishing for Chicago and the surrounding areas for nearly 25 years. Over Easy Kitchens has lots to offer and also works seamlessly with other preferred craftspeople and professionals for total overhauls. Visit our FAQs page to learn more.

Paint & Stain

Any color paint or stain for cabinets and other wood throughout your home. 

Cabinet Repair

Cabinet refurbishing and repair for kitchens, baths, mudrooms and more.

Staircase Refinishing

Update and makeover staircases for a flawless new finish and updated look.

Full Service Kitchens

We work with other specialty contractors and can arrange a complete kitchen rehab. 

About Mark Pate

Mark is the founder  and owner of Naperville’s Over Easy Kitchens., a professional wood coatings company with an emphasis on furniture and high end cabinetry and restoration. Trained in application of today’s sophisticated finish systems and artistic application of paints, glazes, and multi-step stain finishes. Also highly skilled in the science of bonding new finishes to existing cabinetry.

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