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How can I get a quote?

We will be happy to provide an estimate based on the size of your project, for example, the number of cabinets and drawers. Complete our Contact form to request a quote. 

Do you have color and stain samples I can see?

You can choose any paint or stain color you wish! We also have samples of popular finishes that we can share when we make our first on-site visit to your home. 

Do we have to empty the cabinets and drawers?

Generally, all contents can remain in cabinets unless we are painting the inside of that cabinet. For example, if you have glass cabinets.

All contents can remain in drawers unless we are replacing the slide mechanism, then it’s helpful as we will be turning the drawer box upside down at least once. 

How long does it usually take to complete a project?
The average job generally takes one and a half weeks with about 3 to 4 days spent in your home.
Does my family have to leave the house while you work?
No, our process uses fan forced ventilation to ensure direction of airflow keeping dust to an absolute minimum. We use plastic walls to encase the entire work zone. 
How do I care for my refinished cabinets?

We recommend keeping the cabinets as dry as possible and simply wiping surfaces with a damp cloth, using no harsh cleaners. 

Can you do cabinet repairs?

Yes! We can repair cabinets, replace hardware, install trim and more. 

Can you install my new backsplash?

Yes, we can install your kitchen backsplash.

Do you do countertops?

We do not install countertops but we coordinate with other professionals who do, for seamless transformations.

What forms of payment to you accept?

We accept cash or check.

Do you offer a warranty?

We guarantee our work for one year against manufacturer defects and work closely with the customer after that to determine the origin of the problem and the most economical remedy. 

Don’t see your question? Contact us and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

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Can’t recommend Over Easy Kitchens enough.

They did our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and they are perfect. And, his team was great. We wanted something that would last 10 plus years. Our realtor recommended Mark, he’s done 2 of her kitchens. Knowing she’d seen other traditional painters’ work, we trusted her judgement. So glad we did!

Kristy C.